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Richard Goeglein ~ Trusted Advisor
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What Others Say About Richard Goeglein

“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Richard Goeglein during the build-out and opening of the Aladdin Casino Resort. Richard is an exceptional executive with keen insight into the gaming and hospitality industries. He provided visionary leadership on a very tough project with difficult partner relationships and even more difficult capital and budgetary restrictions for opening a new and innovative casino property. He has both a strategic and tactical focus and is able to balance well both the business and human sides of an enterprise. He is very in tune to the needs of his employees and was able to create a company culture that inspired the employees and maintained their enthusiasm and commitment throughout a tumultuous first year of operation, as well as beyond. He also was able to maintain the commitment of the various investors, partners and suppliers on the project to ensure the property opened on time. Richard communicates well with all stakeholders and makes it a joy to work with him. I would be happy to work with him again on any project he is leading.”

Mac McIntire, President , Innovative Management Group was a consultant or contractor to Richard at Aladdin Gaming Holdings, LLC

“Richard was one of the most amazing leaders I have had the opportunity to work for. During my time with the Aladdin, Richard was our CEO and he wanted to send a message to all new employees during our new hire orientation. I naturally assumed a video would be the best resource for this goal. Richard was insistent that he would personally attend each and every orientation and address the thousands of new hires we were employing. I was reluctant and skeptical. However, he never missed a new hire session. I can't begin to tell you the enormous impact that had in the organization. That is reflective of exactly how he approached leadership. Richard is an amazing leader I'm honored to have had the opportunity to serve under!!”

Wes Miller, Director, Training & Development, Aladdin Hotel and Casino worked indirectly for Richard at Aladdin Gaming Holdings, LLC

“I had the honor of working for Richard, as his GM at Prescott Inn and Suites, and I will never be the same. Richard has a way of guiding and mentoring that will open your eyes to a whole new way of doing business. With Richard it isn't the momentary success that matters, it's the long term effects of how you treat one another that shape your future. Richard truly leads from the heart, a novel concept in these times but one that is long overdue. He is able to make the tough decisions without fear, because he knows that his reasons are based on what matters. I was lucky to work, and learn, with Richard. I am blessed to now call him my friend.”

Elizabeth McIntire, General Manager, Prescott Inn and Suites Conference Center reported to Richard at Evening Star Holdings LLC

“Richard Goeglein is all about character! His thoughts, creativity and affinity to interact with all sorts of people and personalities are just a few of the wonderful talents he projects as a Pinnacle Board Member. Richard has been a great teacher and mentor to me, and many senior executives at Pinnacle Entertainment. Because of his actions and influencial style, I am a better HR professional. His leadership style is rare because he is not afraid of making critical decisions with his heart and is strong enough to admit a mistake. He also has the keen ability to create an atmosphere of trust and inclusivity. He is optimistic and always willing to help others become their best!”

Humberto Trueba, Jr., SVP HR and Training, Pinnacle Entertainment

“I had the pleasure of working with Richard for the re-opening of the Aladdin [Casino Resort in Las Vegas]. Having opened other properties and having worked with many other Presidents and CEOs, I can easily say that Richard was the nicest and most personable. Richard put people first and actually cared for the staff at all levels. He kept things in perspective and even under the most difficult situations was always approachable and available for business or to just say hello. It is rare to find a hotel President/CEO that actually knows the names of the people he works with, but Richard did and even years after having worked with him, he still finds the time to keep in touch. He is truly a first class individual.”

Brian Lerner, Vice President of Food & Beverage, Aladdin Gaming LLC

“Richard came to Harrah's via a corporate purchase after Bill Harrah passed away. He was a highly effective leader who brought sophisticated systems and innovations to Harrah's, making it a better, much larger and more profitable company because of his presence. Working for Harrah's when Richard ran the company was, without question, the high point in my career.”

Vinnie Oakes, Food and Beverage Director, Harrah's worked indirectly for Richard at Harrah's Hotels and Casinos, Inc.

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